My Story

It all started back in the 80's. As a kid, I spent my time playing with my mom's jewelry box, and geode collection. I loved piling jewelry on, and creating outfits for me and my barbies out of my mom's old sewing scraps... Fashion design was in my future.
Fast forward to 2006, while living in Hollywood and working in retail, I began taking jewelry making classes for fun. I proudly wore my creations when I was out and about the city. Every day, I was getting stopped, women asking me where my necklace or earrings were from. I started selling pieces to friends, and the people I met. In 2007, I decided to take a huge leap of faith, and make jewelry my life. 
What a journey it has taken me on! Traveling around the country, selling it at some of the most well-known boutiques in the world, and even seeing celebrities wearing my designs. With all that said, the best part of what I do is when someone who rocks my jewelry tells me about all the compliments they get when they wear it. It makes them feel good. And that                                                                                    makes me feel good.